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About the Artist

Vivian Jay

My love of watercolor and ink started as a young child as I often found myself mesmerized by my father’s old paintings from his college days—soft transparent washes combined with strong, committed line work—I was captivated!  I dabbled with other mediums throughout my younger years but found myself continuously drawn back to the fluidity of watercolors.  Despite the unpredictable and often unforgiving nature of aqueous mediums, I adore working with watercolors as it has taught me that some of the best things in art (and in life) come from spontaneity and mistakes.

I created Ebb and Flow Watercolors as a means to marry both my love of aqueous mediums and  my profession as a nurse practitioner.  My goal is to create medical art that is dynamic and fresh while allowing the viewer to appreciate the human anatomy  in new way.

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